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As Covid-19 continues to bring challenges to meetings and events, Your Secretariat has the capability and experience to assist you to run your 2021 meetings in a number of different ways including hybrid and virtual meetings.

To meet the increasing needs of our clients we have enlisted the EventsAir and OnAir software which allows us to provide each client with a tailored program and meeting within your budget.

There are multiple benefits of running a virtual or hybrid meeting including:

  • Cost savings on travel and accommodation for attendees and speakers. This can allow you to bring in leaders in the field to your conference virtually when in the past it may have been cost prohibitive to do so.
  • Much greater accessibility and reach and therefore the ability to broaden your audience and potentially strengthen your membership.
  • The possibility to boost your usual local meetings to become national or international without the cost rising significantly.

Virtual Events

During these uncertain times it is comforting to know that you can still reach and engage your members and audiences through virtual conferences and events. Although they may look different to a regular face-to-face conference, a virtual conference is a great way to still provide engagement and education.

Our OnAir platform enables us to stream content live or through pre-recorded sessions for your audience with the added ability to include live Q&A sessions, roundtable group discussions, E-poster sessions and more. This allows us to customise your event to suit your needs and allows you to ensure that although you may not be able to hold a face-to-face meeting you are still able to engage with your audience.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid meetings is a common term used at the moment and it simply means you include both options of face-to-face and virtual for your meeting. Hybrid meetings are an excellent option when the current situation allows for physical attendance but there are still restrictions in place. It also allows you to extend your target audience to a broader group of people who have previously not attended your meeting due to distance, time or costing.

Your hybrid event can include a mixture of speakers at a physical location with an audience and pre-recorded/live presentations which can be broadcasted onto our OnAir platform. The virtual audience can interact with presenters and panellists through live Q&A and chat facilities.

Platform features:

  • Virtual sessions are streamed live from a mixture of pre-recorded content or live content. The platform is able to handle concurrent sessions which allows attendees to switch from one session to another throughout the meeting.

  • Engagement and interaction with the attendees are strengthened significantly by the use of live Q&A, chat function and live polling.

  • ePosters provides a similar experiences as onsite poster viewing with up to 40 virtual attendees in each ePoster group who are able to private message and ask live Q&A of the multiple presenters.

  • Meeting Hub is where attendees can interact with each other and request meetings with each other through video or a messaging system.

  • Exhibitor Marketplace allows attendees to interact with exhibitors with pre-recorded videos, live and pre-scheduled appointments allows exhibitors to get the most out of the meeting time.

  • Virtual Networking Hub provides a space for attendees to network and allows for facilitated groups or social groups to mingle.

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